About me

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Having spent my studies and early career mainly office based as a landscape architect working around the UK and Ireland, I soon discovered my passion for interacting and engaging with people to develop ideas that are personal to them. I take great pleasure in seeing people enthusiastic with a space or product that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Falling victim to the recession of 2009, I found myself in a challenging situation that turned out to be a great opportunity to reassess what I enjoyed doing most. I decided that too much time in my working life was spent in front of a computer screen, caught up in the administration of projects. I felt I lost touch with the personal side of things and most importantly, the hands- on side of being a creative professional.

I had always loved working with wood and decided to take the leap and follow my passion. I retrained to be a carpenter and started my own company. I am now both developing my own range of products whilst continuing to create furnishings made to order. This gives me a close working relationship with my clients, essentially building with them, not just for them.


I incorporate reclaimed and recycled wood into my furnishings, I want to give durable materials a second chance. By combining these old materials with new, sleek surfaces and a bold colour statement here and there I strive to put a contemporary twist on the final product.  All of this developed into a unique piece, tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Meet for initial design concept discussion.
  • Provide design proposals for discussion and approval.
  • Provide a free quote, if required, additional options and costs for extra add-ons.
  • Continue to involve you during the construction phase until the piece has been fully complete, installed and to your satisfaction.


Cupid's arrow pointed me in the direction of Nijmegen, Netherlands, where I am now often based. My main work premises are in the south east of England but travel regularly between the two countries when required. Depending on the piece of work, I will construct the majority of the piece in my workshop (where you are always welcome to assess the progress) but often complete the final stage of the piece within your home.

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